Chile: The Bombs Case is declining: DNS samples tested are negatives and discards participation of the 14-A in attacks.

Sisters and brothers:
We send to you a traduction made by us. Is very important to read for
understand why the ‘Bombs Case’ is a montage. The traduction can has errors of traduction, so please the persons that can fix it, just do it.

Thanks and diffuse the info.
PD: The original text in spanish, redacted by us and publicated in
Hommodolars, is here:

* * *

The Bombs Case is declining: DNS samples tested are negatives and
discards participation of the 14-A in attacks.

Translated by ArdeMoyano Records.
“This have been the effort of two months of investigation, since it was
assumed in this office with specialized teams of officers carrying out
the scientific expertise strictly necessary in order to impute a serious
and strict infringement by their behavior to the terrorism act ( …)
There is direct evidence against six or seven defendants in that he attributes his autorpia in such acts.”
Alejandro Peña Ceballos, Public Prosecutor in the “Bombs Case”.
Declarations made on 14 august 2010, hours after the raids.

At 10 partners hostage today by the state of chile, amid mounting
“Bombs Case”, and processed by placing 6 of the more than 160 explosive
devices have been installed in Santiago and other regions of Chile, and
also a ilicit association terrorist was extracted in early october, samples of blood to compare his dna with evidence found in muetsras more attacks.

All DNA samples tested negative.

The blood draw requested by the public prosecutor, Alejandro Peña,
looking (so irrefutable and scientific as it is science) link-up ours
sisters and btothers with the aforementioned attacks on the capital
committed since 2003.

For example, in the attack of the Banda Dinamitera Efraín Plaza Olmedo
(Dynamiter Band Efraín Plaza Olmedo) in the Marriott Hotel[1], the
november 3, 2009, fellow suspect who planted the bomb in one of their
bathrooms and that was captured by security cameras at the site, left a
couple of surgical gloves in the bathroom of the hotel. The laboratory
of police (LABOCAR) drawn from these few drops of sweat and the dna was
one of many compared with the fellow hostages. however, the dna was
extracted from the gloves was not none of them.

Furthermore, in the attack by the Fuerzas Insurreccionalistas
Internacionalistas Axel Osorio a la Calle (Insurrectionary
Internationalists Forces Axel Osorio to the Streets[2]) at Itaú Bank on
august 13 2008[3], was found remains of hair, which were also the laboca
skills and later compared with dna from all our fellow hostages…
without success.

Another case is cardboard containing the bomb of gunpowder in the
building of the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (Foment Industrial Society),
which was deactivated on october 3, 2008. That attack was claimed by the
Frente Anarquista Revolucionario (Anarchist Front Revolutionary)[4]. In
the carton was detected from a fingerprint, evidence that could not be
compared because they was incomplete.

In total, 10 samples were compared among them were cigarette butts,
clothing, traces of fingerprints, paper bags, remnants of fire extinguishers and containers which have been compressed most of the explosives. Several of the latter were not compatible with the DNA of our partners. Moreover, in other places where the State-Capital suffered bombings, the police lifted shoe prints left in moist soil.

Despite the widespread destruction that cause the detonation, the
Attorney General, with the help of LABOCAR, has managed to collect more
evidence on the sites of events, but so far not been able to link to any
of our sisters and brothers kidnaped in the sewer of the Capital.

With respect to the image we have attached, is to try something stupid
said by the newspaper consevrador El Merurio, of a national circulation.
The notice, of august 14 2010 says:
“The public prosecutor said that the raid was found documents that
prove that the anarchist group received financing from abroad, but did
not elaborate on what constituted the papers. Similarly, said he found
documentation that shows the planning of future violent action in the
building of the Brigada de Investigaciones Policiales Especiales, BIPE
(Brigade of Special Police Investigations)”.

The ‘documentation’ was a ‘model’ of the BIPE. In the image, we can see
clearly that isn’t a serious model, is a subversive work of art, but the
police use all how test.


[2]: ‘to the streets’ (‘a la calle’ in spanish), is a chilean
expression that means ‘freedom’. How we’re in a capitalist society, the
‘freedom’ is a delusion. That is the reason of the use ‘to the streets’
instead of ‘freedom’.
[4]: About this group -now
dissolved- there are serious doubts whether it is actually a group
brackets existed insurrectionist or invented by the police.

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