Letter for luciano (el tortu) from Mexico + Health update

translated by war on society

1st of June: I found out about it this morning. It was as if a loved one, a friend, a brother or sister had passed. My chest weighed heavy upon me, a lump stuck in my throat and a desperation to know more details hovered over me. It is nothing uncommon for this to happen to me, because although I have not met you, I have never had dealings with you or ever imagined that you exist, I feel as though I have had a very strong bond with you. The first that I learn is that the explosion had wounded your body and your flesh flew through the skies contaminated by this megamachine of steel and concrete. The street was splattered in your blood, red and thick, that blood that burned to recover the wild. The kilo of black powder ignited your clothes and your skin confused itself with the fire, your eyes were instantly reaped, and what surprised you was that you withstood all of that; when the paramedics arrived you were still conscious, you preferred the pain that you know that such an action brings with it, rather than the easy hedonism of civilization. That shock wave that many fragile bodies could not have stood, your body resisted. I am told that they call you tortuga [turtle]; why? I don’t know, perhaps because you have a shell so strong that not even the strongest blow can break? I don’t know. What I know is that what happened to you pains me and weighs on me; if it had happened to a Marxist guerrilla during a political-military action or one of the European hooligans who place bombs in the territories of the opposing sports teams, it would not have interested me in the least, but it was you, one of mine, an affinity*, a complete unknown but one who bet on sabotage against the gears of this monstrous machine, a warrior for the Earth, a crazy like me and like my close circle of affinities, an informal, an insurgent, and above all an individual. You rejected technology, you confronted this imposed reality as best you knew how, you decided to risk losing everything, absolutely everything, you did not pay heed to the false accusations of those who hide themselves always under an empty slogan without turning their face to the real problem. You transcended in your thoughts, you did not remain in the typical criticism of the family, the state, religion and capital, you discerned the true problem: civilization and the techno-industrial system, in sum, the complete system of domination.

Now you are alive but unconscious; a machine regulates your pulse, which you surely would not have ever wanted: to depend on a fucking machine in order to live. The news is filled with lurid statements about your accident, photographs were broadcast of your worn-out body, of your eyes that appeared to be crying blood, many were happy, society cursed you, others cried or held back tears, the religious prayed for you to stay alive, but, I ask, for what? With the repercussions that the wounds had on your body, it is better that you return to the Earth. I do not desire that you recover, that you leave the hospital, because although it is hard to hear and many will criticize me, it is what I feel, what I most desire and long for is that you return to the Earth, that you feed it with your body, that you nurture it and that you fulfill the function of the natural circle of life in which you surely also believed. By any means, they can never uproot the memory of your smile from those close to you. What could you expect if you “recover”? Apart from the physical pain, the other pain of seeing your family destroyed, knowing that your friends are fugitives, you can expect more torture by the police, interrogations, judicial demands and a grand etcetera, because although I know well that one day you will bring all this to mind, it is sure that you will not want to see nor feel it now. The consequences are these and you placed them against you, that last night when you carried in that bag the explosive, you took the consequences of your actions to a very high degree, that surely many would repent. When you steered to that bank, perhaps tranquil, reservedly, or nervously, you could have been thinking of a thousand things or of none, concentrating on leaving the explosive and fleeing the scene. The decision was made, the electrical system failed and now I write to you Luciano; I know that you are not going to read it and I hope that you do not, since the finality of this letter is not to sign with a “may you recover,” this is to affirm your position, to remind us among ourselves that we are those who have marked the difference, we have made history with the path that we ourselves marked.

And so like the turtles that live hundreds of years, your memory will live for ever, consider it done…

Much strength to Luciano’s affinities, from Mexico.


* In English, the word “affinity” is not used to refer to a person, only to a relationship–something one has but not something one can be–nevertheless, we use it here to indicate a person, as it is in Spanish, because we can conceive of no other translation of the Spanish term as used in this context in which the meaning would be conveyed (“friend” is too casual, “comrade” too formal, “family” or “kin” are misleading, “person of affinity” is awkward) – transl

x Liberación Total: Luciano fue transladado el dia de ayer, con riesgo vital, desde la Posta Central hasta la Clinica Indisa, a la unidad de Pacientes Críticos , la cual se mantiene con vigilacia permanente por parte de la policia. El compañero recibio el apoyo de algunas personas que se acercaron al hospital antes de ser transladado, gritando algunas consignas y manteniendose el clima de tension debido a la presencia de carabineros.
Tortuga aun permanece con coma inducido y ha sido su familia la que ha pedido expresamente que no se entregue ningun tipo de informcion a la prensa.
La informacion de su estado de salud es reservada; la clinica tiene prohibido referirse al respecto, sabemos que ademas de la amputacion de sus manos, se le habria realizado un examen a sus corneas, las cuales respondieron de buena manera y darian indicios de que podria no existir perdida total de la vista. Ademas de las quemaduras en su cuerpo y rostro, tiene quemaduras graves en sus pulmones debido a la inhalacion de aire caliente, comprometiendo las vias repiratorias.

La moche del dia de ayer fue encontrada la motocicleta en donde presuntamente Luciano había llegado al lugar de la acción junto con otra persona, para realizar el ataque. Esta fue transladada por el GOPE ( Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales), la cual esta siendo periciada.

Mientras intentan ligarlo con los compañerxs implicadxs en el caso bombas, notamos la desesperacion del gobierno por intentar sacar el mayor provecho de esto. La prensa, como siempre es de esperarse, se ha encargado de publicar noticias al respecto con el fin de comenzar a armar el terreno. Tortuga es una persona de ideas y conviccion, no un eslabon de su supuesta asociacion.

Solidaridad con el compañero Luciano

Traducción al Ingles por War On Society: Luciano was transferred yesterday, in life-threatening condition, from the Posta Central to Indisa Clinic, to the Critical Care Unit, where he remains under constant police surveillance. The comrade received the support of some people who came to the hospital before he was transferred, some shouting slogans and maintaining the climate of tension due to the presence of police.

Tortuga still remains in an induced coma and it has been his family that has specifically asked that no kind of information be released to the press.

The information about his health status is reserved, the clinic is forbidden to talk about it; we know that in addition to the amputation of his hands, they have conducted an exam on his corneas, which responded in a good way and would indicate that there might not be total loss of vision. In addition to the burns on his body and face, has serious burns to his lungs due to inhalation of hot air, compromising his respiratory paths.

Yesterday they found the motorcycle in which Luciano allegedly had reached the scene of action with another person to carry out the attack. It was transferred by GOPE (Police Special Operations Group), which are conducting operations.

While they try to link him with the comrades implicated in the bombs case, we note the desperation of the government in trying to get the most they can out of this. The press, as is always expected, has been given charge of publishing news with respect to the goal of starting to arm the territory. Tortuga is a person of ideas and conviction, not a link in his supposed association.

Solidarity with comrade Luciano


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